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Anberlin to Disband in 2014

Today, one of our favorites announced their retirement is drawing near. In a video announcement Florida-natives, Anberlin announced 2014 would be their last year as a band as they...

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Run – Sanctus Real

Hold on to the promises. Sanctus Real have shared an honest journey with listeners with complete humility since their beginnings over 16 years ago. They continue a heritage of openness and sincerity,...

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Life & Death — Devin Shelton

n 2011, Emery announced the indefinite hiatus of Devin Shelton, a member who had been instrumental since the band’s beginnings in 2001. Shelton lent his talents of songwriting, his...

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The Classic Crime in Concert

Growing up in the Northwest, we are known for coffee, rain, and rock’n’roll. While in Nashville, Tennessee one of our favorites from Seattle, The Classic Crime, was at Rocketown...

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Phil Wickham Interview (2007)

Jeremy Koering, editor of Music Faith, sat down with Phil Wickham during the David Crowder Band’s Remedy Club Tour in Fall of 2007 to discuss touring, Cannons, and worship.